Dragon Quest 11

Having never played a Dragon Quest game ever (and yet still playing so many RPG’s) it felt time to after reading this review (Kotaku). After watching its 36 minute long video review, and reading about the 100’s of hours spent in this game I felt compelled and hyped up for what was one of the most enjoyable RPG experiences I’ve had. Even after just having finished Final Fantasy 7 for the first time (to add hyperlink later).

While Tim mentioned his favourite way to play Dragon Quest 11 was as a bedtime story, I have too much of an addictive personality to allow this and my 90 hour playthrough was filled with 5 hour days (when I could kick my Fiance off of the computer from playing it aswell…) as the story had me wanting to find out the next step.

This was also my first introduction into the true ending/final boss of the series. While many other JRPG’s have a much harder boss than the story final boss this was the first game that made me feel like it was meant to be there from the beginning. Expertly woven into the story. Whereas other games (Im looking at you ni no kuni 2) make it feel an afterthought where the developers go oh well we have to put a really hard boss in the game, but dont waste too much time on it.

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